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Careers in Construction

A career in construction is more than just wearing a hard hat and steel-toed boots. The industry is filled with talented and creative individuals who have the opportunity to help build homes that strengthen communities. Not only does a career in the residential construction industry provide a sense of personal achievement, but it also provides many practical benefits such as strong earning potential, job security and opportunities for advancement.


All those who are looking for a career change, seeking an alternative to a 4-year college degree or are simply interested in a new challenge should strongly consider a career in construction.


If you like working with wood and take pride in seeing something made with your own hands, then this is the trade for you. Carpenters are needed in all areas of construction, making it one of the most secure jobs within the industry.


Modern life would not be possible without electricians. If you like to know how electric currents make things work, then this is the trade for you. Qualified electricians are always in demand. With your tools and knowledge, you can go practically anywhere in the country


Install or repair HVAC systems, including oil burners, hot-air furnaces and heating stoves. Use your knowledge of green technology to ensure safe and healthy building conditions in homes, hospitals, schools and office building. 


Nearly all areas of construction rely on plumbers. If you enjoy working with your hands and using your brain, then this is the trade for you. As long as there are drainage and water systems, there will be a need for reliable plumbers.


Whenever a home is built, nearly all of the interior and some of the exterior surfaces need to be painted to protect them from damage by water, mold and corrosion. That’s why there is always great demand for experienced painters.


Laying brick is one of the oldest and most respected trades in the construction industry. Qualified cement masons are always in demand. Masonry work presents both an analytical and creative outlet, a sense of pride in accomplishment and job flexibility.