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Home #5: Mike Howe Builders

Remodel 207 N. 7th St., Unit 4, Manitowoc

This is project was designed by Mike Howe and was part of a development to resurrect a building in disrepair. Mike enjoys using his creativity and ability to see something in buildings that most can’t see. This building was 7 buildings put together over 150 years and from alley ways to stand alone building the history is always fascinating. Once we had our first couple of walk throughs we knew we could lay out a design that would complement the downtown and offer a variety of unique spaces. Every corner of this building is its own style and we incorporated as much of the original design as possible. From creative ceilings to great views, we brought our imagination to life. The entire building is leased out and all condos are sold. Please enjoy the new addition to Manitowoc’s Downtown.


Check Electric

Manitowoc Heating & Refrigeration

Luiser Plumbing

Braun Building Center

Kiel Masonry


Sherwin Williams

Manitowoc Disposal

B&M Waste

UnitedOne Credit Union

Alberts Plastering

SC Concrete

EZ Flow Gutters

ABC Supply

Etched in Stone


Mike Howe Builders has been in business since 2004 and has been a member of the MCHBA for many years. We have built a reputation on innovative design and quality craftsmanship throughout Manitowoc County. Our team has grown to 17 employees with years of experience and talent. This allows us to be versatile in all sectors of construction, from new homes, remodeling, additions, roofing and home maintenance…we have done it all. We, on average, complete over 75 projects per year and look forward to providing our services to the lakeshore for many more years.